Animas® Insulin Pump Accessories

Animas® Pump Skins


Product Number: 100-946-xx (For Animas® Vibe® & OneTouch Ping®)

Blue (xx=00), Black (xx=01), Red (xx=02), Pink (xx=03), Green (xx=04), Purple (xx=05), Desert Camo (xx=06), Pink Camo (xx=07)

A skin made of thick, flexible rubber helps protect the insulin pump against the bumps & bruises of daily living.

Low Profile Clip


Product Number: 100-195-01

You want your pump to be discreet... the Low Profile Clip is the answer. The Low Profile Clip slides onto the back of your pump in the groove between the battery cap and cartridge cap.

Rotating Clip


Product Number: 100-904-00

Switch up the way you wear your pump. With 90 degrees of rotation to each side, the Rotating Clip allows you to wear your pump both vertically or horizontally to help you easily read the pump screen without removing it from your belt. The Rotating Clip slides onto the back of your pump and works with all Animas® insulin pumps.

Leather Case


Product Number: 100-441-00 (For Animas® Vibe® and OneTouch Ping®)

With its built-in clip, the leather case allows you to wear your insulin pump on your belt or waistband.



Product Number: 100-0026-00 (Adults)
Product Number: 100-0027-00 (Kids)

Black only

The Waist-It fits securely under clothing. You can even wear it to bed. Made from very soft velour and elastic straps that Velcro® securely around the waist. Great for exercising or under an un-tucked shirt. The Waist-It won’t bounce around. Works with all tubing lengths and all Animas® insulin pumps.



Product Number: 100-032-00

Black only

Want to go a little shorter? The Thigh-Thing™ is designed for short skirts, dresses or shorts. The garter grip lets you secure your pump to your pantyhose or underwear. Made of nylon/spandex, the Thigh-Thing™ is designed so it won’t lose its shape. The detachable garter grip is included so you can secure it in any position you want. Works with all tubing lengths.



Product Number: 100-031-00

Black only

If wearing the pump on your belt is not the most convenient spot, try the Leg-Thing™. Perfect under pants or a long dress, the Leg-Thing™ is worn on your calf like the top of a sock. The specially designed, secure pocket discreetly holds your pump with a Velcro® enclosure.



Product Number: 100-034-00

The Pump-Pak™ is made of tough, black cordura nylon with a sturdy top handle. The fully insulated Pak zips completely around. See-through pockets hold your pump supplies in designated areas. Keep one in your car and one in your family “emergency kit.”

Animas® Insulin Pump Supplies

Lens Protection Film Kit


Product Number: 100-521-00

A lens film helps protect the insulin pump screen from minor scratches caused by daily wear and tear.The kit includes 3 lens films, squeegee and spray plus step-by-step instructions on how to apply to the pump screen.

Battery Cap


Product Number: 100-158-01

Battery caps should be changed at least once a year-more often if you swim a lot or work in a dusty environment.It's important to have an extra battery cap as a backup!

Cartridge Cap


Product Number: 100-159-01

The pump will not operate without a cap.Always keep a spare cap-just in case your only one rolls under the refrigerator!