CGM Basics

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is one of the latest advancements in diabetes management. A traditional glucose meter uses the information from a fingerstick test for a blood glucose value that represents only a snapshot in time. CGM monitors continuously, to let you see what’s happening between fingerstick tests. That way, you can watch glucose levels and patterns that you may not have been able to see before.

A CGM system involves a sensor that is placed under the skin (the subcutaneous space). The sensor continuously reads the glucose levels in your tissues (the interstitial fluid), not in the blood. Every 5 minutes the sensor sends these measurements to a receiver on your pump, which displays a graph of your glucose levels.

CGM doesn’t replace fingerstick testing; rather, it works with it. With trending graphs and directional arrows, the idea is to use CGM to determine the direction your glucose is headed and how fast, and then use your fingerstick test to figure out your insulin dose.

About the Sensor

The sensor is a thin wire inserted underneath your skin with the help of an introducer needle. The sensor is held in place with adhesive, similar to the way your infusion set is attached.

The sensor takes a glucose reading every 5 minutes* to track how your glucose is behaving over time. It tells you where your glucose is heading and how fast.

Sensors are disposable. The Dexcom G4® PLATINUM Sensor is approved for up to 7 days of continuous wear.

*Glucose readings are not taken during the 2-hour start-up period

About the Transmitter

The transmitter clips into place inside a plastic sensor pod that’s attached to the adhesive and sensor. It wirelessly sends your sensor-measured glucose readings to your insulin pump.

About the CGM-enabled pump

The CGM-enabled Animas® Vibe® lets you see trends at a glance. The insulin pump displays your glucose trends in full colour right on the screen, so you can quickly see what's happening.

It also has customizable alerts that can tell you when you’re going high or going low.

CGM Trend and Data Screens

The CGM Trend screens provide a complete picture of your glucose status. CGM Trend screens include a graphical display of your CGM readings over a 1-,3-,6-,12-,24-hour time period, based on your preferred screen view.

CGM Trend Screen

CGM Data Screen

The CGM Data Screen displays the trends of your current glucose status.

* Trend Arrows (on CGM Data/Trend screens) and CGM readings (on CGM Trend screens) are colour coded. An explanation of the Trend Arrows and the colour coding appears below.

A symbol may appear in place of your current CGM reading on CGM Data/Trend screens. Refer to the Animas® Vibe® Owner’s Booklet for more information.

Trend Arrows

Trend arrows can be used along with trend graphs to assess which direction your glucose levels are headed and how rapidly they are changing. You should not dose insulin based on trend arrow information.

Trend Arrows and CGM glucose readings on CGM Data/Trend screens are colour coded. See explanation below:

You can view your trends across various blocks of time and consider the information, along with your fingerstick results, to help guide insulin adjustments.

Click here for information on the CGM-enabled Animas® Vibe® pump (with the trend graphs on the pump’s screen display).