Infusion sets

Insulin pump infusion sets

Meet the inset® family of infusion sets

Everybody is different and every body is different. That’s why the right infusion set can make all the difference to people who pump. We think having a choice is important.

Inset® II and inset® 30: the all-in-one insulin infusion sets that fit your body—and your life

These all-in-one sets combine the inserter and infusion set in a single, portable unit, so they're a snap to change anytime, anywhere. In fact, you can insert them one-handed.*

Prefer a straight set? Choose inset® II.

An all-in-one infusion set and insertion device for the ultimate convenience and site security. The single-handed insertion allows for flexibility in site rotation, and the reversible grippers make it easy to disconnect and reconnect. You'll feel safe knowing you are securely reconnected when you hear the audible "click".

  • All-in-one straight set
  • 90º insertion angle
  • 6 mm or 9 mm cannula length
  • Works with any pump that requires an infusion set
  • Available in blue, pink, and grey
Prefer an angled set? Choose inset® 30.

The world's first angled all-in-one infusion set and insertion device in one single portable sterile unit. The inset® 30 insertion device ensures quick, easy, and virtually painless automatic insertion. And the process is easy to learn.

The 30 degree insertion angle minimizes the risk of the cannula being pulled out by mistake during physical activities, making it ideal for sports.

  • Only all-in-one angled set
  • 30 degree insertion angle
  • 13 mm cannula length
  • Works with any pump that requires an infusion set
  • Available in blue, pink, and grey

Other infusion sets available

Comfort® and Comfort® Short Angled Infusion Sets

Angled insert adjusts from 20-45 degrees. The introducer needle is removed so only the flexible cannula stays in place. Includes a disconnect feature at site and clear window to view site. No option for insertion device. Complete sets include tubing and cannula. Luer-lock tubing connection.

Contact® Detach Infusion Set

Contact® Detach is a 90-degree infusion set featuring a stainless steel needle for people with Teflon allergies, self-adhesive tape, and a disconnect feature inches away from site.One-handed straight insertion with tubing and infusor needle as one piece. Luer-lock tubing connection.

*Placement and insertion for both inset® II and inset® 30 can be done one-handed. When removing the introducer needle, inset® 30 requires holding the set in place with the other hand.