A little romance

Does an insulin pump have to interfere with intimacy? Not at all.

Pump therapy doesn't have to interfere with intimacy. You can use longer tubing to keep the pump out of the way, or you can temporarily disconnect your pump up to one hour.

Keep in mind that sex can cause your blood sugar level to drop quickly (or in some cases, rise), just as any other physical activity. So it is important to check your blood glucose levels regularly.Using a continuous glucose monitor can help you see beforehand what's going on with your blood sugars at a glance and alert you to act to prevent hypoglycemic events.

If you do choose to disconnect your insulin pump, follow your healthcare professional's recommendations. And don't forget to check your blood glucose levels before and after you disconnect for any length of time.

Don't forget to reconnect! If you are concerned that you may forget to reconnect, put your pump
in Suspend mode. While in Suspend mode, your pump will beep or vibrate as a reminder to reconnect.

Open communication about your diabetes with your partner can help you decide which options are right for you when it comes to intimacy.

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