Kids and teens who pump

Insulin pump therapy for kids and teens

Insulin pump therapy for kids & teens

Life with children can be crazy: hectic schedules, activity levels that vary from hour to hour, picky eating habits, parties, sports, or a case of the sniffles.

These events and everyday happenings are made all the more unpredictable when a child has diabetes.

The good news is that the advantages and predictability of insulin pump therapy can help make these things more manageable for everyone—parents especially!

Fewer injections

It's pretty safe to say that children don't enjoy getting poked with needles. Intensive therapy with multiple daily injections can add up to as many as 1,460 needle sticks a year.

On an insulin pump, an infusion set is inserted about every 2-3 days—that adds up to about 1,304 fewer needle pokes a year.

More flexibility

Unlike multiple daily injections, pumps can give your child the freedom to sleep in, decide when and if they want to eat, choose when and how long to exercise, and so on—no "clock watching" required.

Small enough to fit into a pocket

An insulin pump is about the size of a cell phone. Pumps can sometimes be mistaken for a pager or MP3 player! The pump's small size means it can be easily concealed under clothing clipped to a waistband, strapped to a leg (under a skirt, for example), or even in a pocket.

Game on

Pumps can be set to adjust insulin delivery during activities. So whether it’s a pick-up game of street hockey, a run with the family dog, or a bike ride to the corner store, your child can get up and go when and where they want.

Special occasions are special again

Not only can events like Halloween, birthdays and school parties throw you and your child off your regular schedule, they also tend to be centered around food.

While being on a pump doesn't mean a child can eat everything in sight, one of the advantages of pump therapy is that children may be able to "graze" with a greater degree of ease.

Well designed for children

Here are six big reasons why kids (and parents) will love an Animas® insulin pump:

  • 1. Waterproof: the pump is tested and proven waterproof at a depth of 3.6 m (12 ft) for 24 hours
  • 2. Eight cool pump skin colours to choose from
  • 3. Safety first: built-in locking feature and insulin dosing limits
  • 4. Hard knocks: tested for drops and electrostatic discharge
  • 5. Smallest basal rate adjustment: 0.025 U/hr and no dilution necessary
  • 6. Low bolus dosing: 0.05 unit increment helps match insulin with food intake