More than a pump

Get to know us.

Behind the pump and system, there are people. Humans. In other words, us. While you may only ever interact with a few of us directly, you should know that the Animas Canada team is a rare and special group of people who care passionately about what we do, and the opportunity we have to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Our inspiration is you.

More than just a pump.

We make insulin pumps, but we also know that a pump is only one part of the diabetes management equation. Technology is a key piece, but success with it also depends on the person who uses it, and their willingness to do what is required to manage Type 1 diabetes over the long term. We sell a product, but what can we do beyond that to truly be of service to people in a meaningful way?

We asked ourselves, “How we can help people feel less alone, and offer up some inspiration to stay committed to their diabetes management? How can we help them live with it?” Here are some of the things we do and the groups we support that strive to make a difference:

1. Sandy's Corner

Meet our Marketing Manager, Sandy Struss, who has lived with Type 1 diabetes since age 17 - and shares her reflections on life with Type 1 in Sandy’s Corner.

4. Partnering with organizations who serve the Type 1 community

We know the challenge for people with Type 1 to find relevant and meaningful support, so we do what we can to support events, camps, conferences, and projects with partners who are similarly committed to making a difference.

5.Sugar Free Shawn Show

Animas Canada is proud to support the Sugar Free Shawn Show as it shares our values of providing hope and inspiration for people to live well with diabetes. Entertaining and energetic, host Shawn Shepheard addresses useful topics and interviews individuals with unique insight and experiences to share.

6. Welcome to Type 1

Inspired by the vision for this initiative, Animas Canada sponsors which aims to provide a proactive outlook for those newly diagnosed with video and web content. The thought-provoking question they explore is, "Can Type 1 diabetes make you stronger?".

We take great pride in supporting projects and organizations that help provide some inspiration and connection among peers, as there is no greater bond among people than those with a shared experience who know the realities of what it means to live with Type 1 diabetes every day.