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Sleeping with an insulin pump

Sleeping with your insulin pump

One of the advantages of insulin pump therapy is that the pump continuously delivers insulin to help keep your blood sugar levels in control, even while you sleep.
So not only can you be in control late into the night, you can also avoid "dawn phenomenon" in the early morning hours when your glucose levels can rise. All you need to do is program your insulin pump for different times of day to accommodate your body’s ever-changing needs. Now you don't just have to dream about tight control… you can actually take control.

Where do I put my pump?

Pumpers tell us that they don't even notice their pump while they sleep. They clip it to their pajamas, place it in a pocket, tuck it under their pillow or keep it next to them in bed.

So go ahead, sleep in. You deserve it.

Imagine throwing away your clock

The one you constantly watch to keep yourself on a regular eating schedule, so you can head off low and high blood sugars.

Now imagine not having to give yourself an insulin shot at work. At school. On a date. At a party. On a plane. At the gym.

Imagine drifting off to sleep with less worry that your blood sugar will drop in the night. Or soar at dawn.

It's all possible with an Animas® insulin pump.

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