Going for check-up is important once you are diagnosed with diabetes. To make the most out of your doctor’s visit, you must know the right questions to ask your doctor. Here are some guide questions:

  1. How do I easily monitor my blood sugar level? Do I need a specific device? Which do you think would work for me?
  2. Can you please explain why I need this type of insulin? How much dosage do I need? How do I schedule my intake? Should I take this before or after a meal? How long before a meal? How long after a meal?
  3. What other alternative do I have besides the syringe? Please show me again how to use the syringe.
  4. Which between the syringe and insulin pen is best for my needs?
  5. Are there possible side effects? What are the possible side effects? What will I do if I experience side effects?
  6. What if I miss my schedule?
  7. What will I do if my medication causes my blood sugar to go too low?
  8. Can I take other medicine with insulin?
  9. What food should I avoid?