t:slim (with Control-IQ)

It is an insulin pump system and Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) in one device. The pump and the CGM work together
within a single system. It means that you can see all your glucose data on the pump screen without having to rely on a separate
device. However, if you prefer not to use the CGM, you get the flexibility to use t:slim as a stand-alone device.
Features of t:slim      
1. Automatic Insulin Adjustment
This pump automatically adjusts the …

Medtronic Minimed 770G Insulin Pump Review

The Minimed 770G is the newest CGM system that has just been approved in Canada. Aside from the same features as 670G it offers additional features new to Medtronics.
The features of 670G and 770G include:
1. Automatic Insulin Adjustment
The pump can adjust insulin based on the glucose reading from the CGM. Its auto-mode automatically adjusts basal insulin-up or down – every 5 minutes. When the glucose rises background insulin is increased and when the glucose drops, background insulin is decreased.
2. Predictive Technology
Prevents lows because of its predictive …

Omnipod System and Omnipof Dash Reviews

For those who are new to Omnipod, it is a unique insulin management system that has a tubeless pump that delivers up to 3
days of insulin for each application. It is composed of a wearable pod that is controlled by a personal diabetes manager (PDM), which allows patients to deliver insulin wirelessly.
Benefits of Omnipod
1. No Tubing
This insulin pump does not have a tube because the insulin is contained within the pod itself. Hence, you can wear the pod discreetly under clothing while carrying the Omnipod dash system PDM separately.
2. No Needle Needed…

FreeStyleLibre Flash Glucose Monitor by Abbott

Abbot’s FreeStyleLibre Flash Glucose Monitor is a handheld device that can continuously measure sugar levels in a matter of seconds. It was launched internationally in 2014 and was approved for use by the FDA in the United States in 2017. The Libre features a “Flash Monitoring System,” an advanced technology that uses a handheld receiver or smartphone app.  The users wear a small disc sensor about the size of a quarter coin in their upper arm, then hold the smartphone with an app or the handheld reader device near the arm where the disc is attached. The reader or app scans the disc for data, then the patient will see the results…