t:slim (with Control-IQ)

It is an insulin pump system and Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) in one device. The pump and the CGM work together

within a single system. It means that you can see all your glucose data on the pump screen without having to rely on a separate

device. However, if you prefer not to use the CGM, you get the flexibility to use t:slim as a stand-alone device.

Features of t:slim      

1. Automatic Insulin Adjustment

This pump automatically adjusts the amount of insulin that is delivers based on the sensor glucose readings. You have the option to choose between t:slim’s Basal-IQ and t:slim-Control IQ. The t:slim Basal-IQ technology predicts low glucose and shuts off basal insulin delivery to prevent lows while -t:slim Control-IQ has a hybrid closed loop system that works effectively to lower the lows and highs. It does this by changing the basal insulin based on the sensor glucose values.

2. Allows Software Updates

With this feature, you don’t need to buy a new device because it allows software updates.

3. Fingerstick BG Checks

This CGM-enabled pump allows you to make treatment without requiring fingerstick calibration.

4. Physical Features

This device has a fully colored touchscreen, sleek and small design for easy carry, rechargeable battery, and slightly different cartridge for safety and design purposes

5. Insulin Delivery Rate

It has the smallest basal rate increment which means you can increase or decrease the basal steps as small as 0.001 units/hour.

6. Insulin Delivery Ratio

The pup has the largest insulin-to-carb ratio (I:C) at 1:300 which means that you can set a different carb ISF across the day. Also, it has the largest possible Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) at 1:33.3, which means you can set a different ISF across the day.

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