Omnipod System and Omnipof Dash Reviews

For those who are new to Omnipod, it is a unique insulin management system that has a tubeless pump that delivers up to 3

days of insulin for each application. It is composed of a wearable pod that is controlled by a personal diabetes manager (PDM), which allows patients to deliver insulin wirelessly.

Benefits of Omnipod

1. No Tubing

This insulin pump does not have a tube because the insulin is contained within the pod itself. Hence, you can wear the pod discreetly under clothing while carrying the Omnipod dash system PDM separately.

2. No Needle Needed

The cannula inserts automatically to almost any part of your body. Just fill the pod with the required dosage of insulin and stick the pod to your body and then press the Start button. It automatically delivers insulin according to the basal rates you have programmed in the PDM.

3. The Wireless PDM Does all the Job

The wireless PDM, which works 1.5 meters away from the pod serves as a blood sugar meter.  Besides, it is fully customizable according to your insulin requirements.

4. Option for Viewing Data Over Smartphone App

Aside from the PDM device, you can also view your BG data on your phone through the Omnipod Display Mobile App

5. Waterproof Pod

The pod is waterproof, so the user can still enjoy swimming while wearing it, but don’t get too excited the PDM is not waterproof

6. Pod as Fashion Accessory

This is especially great for children and teenagers since they can design their pod to make it blend with the current trend.

7. With 5-year warranty

The company that manufactures the pod offers a 5-year warranty that is aligned with the current government policy on the pump funding program.

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