Medtronic Minimed 770G Insulin Pump Review

The Minimed 770G is the newest CGM system that has just been approved in Canada. Aside from the same features as 670G it offers additional features new to Medtronics.

The features of 670G and 770G include:

1. Automatic Insulin Adjustment

The pump can adjust insulin based on the glucose reading from the CGM. Its auto-mode automatically adjusts basal insulin-up or down – every 5 minutes. When the glucose rises background insulin is increased and when the glucose drops, background insulin is decreased.

2. Predictive Technology

Prevents lows because of its predictive technology. When the glucose is low, the system alerts the patient; if the patient does not acknowledge with a button press, it automatically shuts off basal insulin; giving glucose time to rise.

  • CGM trend information and alerts, large capacity insulin cartridge.

The additional new features of 770G includes

  • Capacity for future upgrades of the pump via software uploads without having to replace the pump itself.
  • Ability to be connected to the smartphone gives the patient the option to use the smartphone as a secondary CGM receiver
  • It allows remote viewing of readings.
  • Approved for those with type 1 diabetes from ages 2 and up. This is the only hybrid recommended for children under 6 years old.


  • Comes from an established company with reputable R&D
  • Hybrid closed-loop
  • With predictive algorithms
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a phone app
  • With data sharing
  • With a full-color screen


  • Require additional fingerstick for calibration
  • Technically complicated
  • Frequent alert system may be intrusive
  • Small screen and text
  • Multiple menus making it difficult to master
  • Users require more training
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