Ways to Deliver Insulin into Your Body

Over the past years, drug companies have developed various ways to deliver insulin into the bloodstream. The two most popular and most commonly used ways are the syringe and insulin pen.

1. Syringe

Insulin syringes come in short and long needles. The length of the needle affects the amount of time that insulin takes effect. Longer needles offer more depth and this causes the insulin to take effect more quickly. A syringe has three parts: a needle, a barrel, and a plunger. The barrel is marked with lines to measure the number of insulin units.

2. Insulin Pen

The insulin pen, as its name suggests, looks like a pen. Unlike a syringe, the pen has a built-in needle and a cartridge filled with insulin inside. The insulin pen also has a dial that you can use to set the amount or dosage of insulin shot. This comes in two types: reusable pens and disposable pens. The pen is disposable when the insulin is used up. With the reusable pen, you just need to replace the pen with a pre-measured cartridge.

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