Animas® insulin pumps.


See how understanding the realities of diabetes management has fueled our innovations and purposeful design.

We're Animas.

Diabetes is what we know. Insulin pumps are what we do.

To us, it's more than just a job. And when you choose Animas, you get more than just a pump.

Animas® Vibe®Designed for instant insight.

World class insulin pump meets
world class CGM. With integrated
best-in-class CGM sensor technology.
Animas® Vibe® gives you insight and
confidence to take control to a
whole new level.

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OneTouch Ping®Designed to be discreet.

Convenience and discretion.
The OneTouch Ping® gives you both
with a wireless meter-remote that
controls your pump from up to 3m
away. So you can keep your pump
under cover.

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Animas® Insulin Pump Accessories

Infusion sets

Meet our family of inset® infusion sets.
Find the one that fits you best.

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Pumping basics.

New to insulin pumping? Learn more about
how pumping works.

Why switch to a pump?

There are plenty of reasons to switch – and we give you
5 really good reasons here.

To CGM or Not to CGM?

Things to consider when deciding
if CGM is right for you.

Getting started?

You've done your research – and you're ready to take the next step
Learn what's next.

Is it right for me?

A few questions to consider when deciding whether switching
makes sense for you.