Animas Heroes

To us, being a hero is about how you live your life, and what kind of an example you set for others. It's not about being perfect, but about doing your very best. It's about attitude and action.

Our sincere hope is that you find some inspiration from the stories below to help you on your own journey with Type 1 diabetes


    She started playing tennis at age 9, and now 13-year-old Leena Bennetto aims to be the best tennis player in the world.

    Although having Type 1 diabetes means Leena has more on her plate than other athletes her age, she’s making no excuses on her way to the top. She speaks with confidence, and she’s got the talent to back it up.

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    When Sarah Montes was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she had one question for her doctor, “Can I still swim?”

    At age 14, Sarah was swimming competitively, training 6 days a week, and didn’t want anything to stop her from her dream of representing Canada in Olympic swimming. And she hasn’t allowed it to stop her. Diabetes hasn’t......

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    Since the late 1800’s, the syncopated, mesmerizing sounds of brush steps, back flaps and heel clicks have echoed through halls, theatres and dance studios. To some, tap dancing might seem like a quaint, old fashioned art form that saw its heyday when Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly graced the silver screen. But don’t tell that to Samantha (Sammy) Rutherford.

    “There are so many tricks you have to learn to perfect. And you have to make it look easy when you are working really hard,” enthuses Sammy. The 13-year-old from Aurora, ON has been practising tap since she was in kindergarten...

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    Sarah Ketcheson, elementary school teacher, adventurer, Type 1 since 1999

    It’s 2008 and I am sitting on an airplane, departing for Nairobi, Kenya for 5 weeks. All of a sudden, I hear a crack. In an attempt to nap on the plane, I had taken off my glasses and put them into the front pocket. I am now holding two lenses in my hand, with no spare set to replace them with. Welcome to adventure...

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