Insulin pumps
designed by Animas.
Inspired by you.

Different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to what they want in an insulin pump and how they use it in practical scenarios every day. We are proud to offer two different insulin pump systems.

World class in every detail.

Purpose-driven design

Careful thought and skilled craftsmanship has gone into the design of every Animas® insulin pump. No matter which Animas® pump you choose, you can rest assured that the features and safety measures included have been done so deliberately – to provide you with the flexibility, ease of use, and peace of mind that you deserve.

5 key principles:

Waterproof for a reason.

Animas® pumps have been designed to be waterproof – on purpose. Not just “water-resistant” or “splashproof” – we mean waterproof. It is no easy task, but we took a stand for this from the very beginning and were the first company to deliver a truly waterproof pump.

Why was this such a big deal to us?

Because you shouldn’t have to disconnect your pump and interrupt your insulin delivery when in contact with water. And life is just easier and more fun when you don’t have to worry about your pump getting wet!

Which Animas® insulin pump
is right for you?

Questions to ask: Animas® Vibe® OneTouch Ping®
Do I want reliable, accurate and precise
insulin dosing?
Am I looking for a pump that is
safe and approved for children?
Do I want to swim or do other
water activities without
worrying about my pump?
Can I use CGM
with my pump?
With the Dexcom G4® Platinum standalone unit
Is there a CGM display right
on the pump?
Am I able to manage insulin
administration discreetly while
leaving the pump tucked away?

With Animas, you have options. We’re here to help. Contact us with whatever questions you may have, and know that we look forward to being of service!

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† OneTouch Ping® and Animas® Vibe® pumps have identical insulin delivery mechanism functionality.

‡ The clinical advantage of basal accuracy has not been established.

§ Organic Light-Emitting Diode